Sunday, April 19, 2009


Cunt (and I feel fully justified in my terminology) has just pickpocketted my camera.

Not a happy bunny.


  1. Having said that, now that there is a little less adrenaline running through my system, I realise that it could have been a whole lot worse. Fortunately I filled my previous, unbacked up, SD card only a couple of days ago, and one of those days was travelling so I only really lost a couple of dozen photos. And, impressively, having had my camera taken at 12 I had a police report in my hands by 2, including fitting in a quick burger king to steady my nerves. Just a shame that the insurance company isn´t open at weekends (not that I´m expecting them to do anything apart from try and charge me more money)



    I hope you find him and kick the living shit out of him.

    SHIT!!!! ARGH!!!! I was loving those pictures...