Saturday, February 14, 2009

Finally here!

7.30 Thursday morning I set off on this little journey to the other side of the atlantic. 8am Friday I finally touched down and all things concidered very little went wrong. No internal cavity searches by american security, all my luggage arrived (even the sleeping bag that was only loosely tied to the bottom of the bag ) and even managed to get to the hostel without getting lost more than a couple of times.

Fortunately the time difference here is only a couple of hours so was in reasonable shape to head off and have a wander round Sao Paulo. 6hrs of wandering. However after all that me and my inprepid travelling companion now know the best way to the coast, have a dictionary to give us a fighting chance of understanding the menus and feel like we've achieved something for the first day. After which a few drinks were in order. Hence my slightly sore head - roll on Pasha tonight...

PS Happy valentines Bee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Happy Valentines Indeed Chris! I am so glad you made it there in one piece - winter survival in Bolivian jungle should be a piece of cake now! Recollecting my wanderings around Barcelona today, I recalled that I was told that Sao Paulo is a haven for street art. You are my best source to verify it - please?

    Enjoy Pacha tonight!!