Friday, February 27, 2009

Rio Carnival - Sambodromo

Carnival - the biggest show on earth! (or at least that is how the posters I have seen all over town translate in my head) and the reason that this was chosen as the time of year to do the whole quitting work and coming to South America thing. After flying in to Rio on the Saturday we headed off to the Sambadromo (a purpose built stadium for Carnival) to watch some of the parades. The party kicked off at 9 and was due to run through to 6am though as we are running on Brazilian time here it was probably even later than that. I have no idea how they managed to build some of the floats, or where they managed to get that many people from (up to 6000 people per school I´m told) however I do understand that it is fecking impressive to watch:

As side note we decided to leave early as we had tickets for Sven Vath at the Rio Music Conference which in all honesty was a bit of a let down (though the venue was great). In the end we wound up at the free street parties in Lapa which was a lot more fun...


  1. Wow! That looks superbly amazing (exaggeration intended!). Truly, fastinating how much effort has been put into it. I must admit, I hadn't imagined it to be as organized and 'stadium' based - maybe my impression of it is tainted because of all the close up photos that look like you are right under a float. I thought people are allowed to stay on the road (but it does make sense why they aren't). I also thought it must be louder - it isn't as eardrum tearing on the video. Aaaah! Street parties are the way to go - must be so much fun!

  2. I think my favourite one is the Sun God (or someone of that caliber) holding some dudette in the crown! Very cool and seems very detailed! Enjoy Samba school!

  3. Woah those big heads are frikkin awesome! Musta been like meeting the big boss at the end of the level in all those platform shooters...