Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jungle Rave

The plan had been to head off to Pacha here in Sao Paulo last night (Saturday) however plans often change and after chatting to a chap called Mazen that we met in the hostel this particular plan changed to getting a taxi 30km out of town to go to a psy-trance rave on a farm in the jungle. I have to admit that I wussed out early and called it a day at about 9.30am - there were DJ's lined up to play until 6 in the evening and there were probably still over a 1000 people still going strong when we left. Coming back in the daylight was spectacular, I didn't realise when we arrived because it was dark but it really did look like were in the in the middle of the rain forest. Unfortunately my camera's battery died about half way through the night, however I did manage a few pictures:

Becky and Philippe

Remember kids, drugs are bad, mmm-kay


  1. N I C E ! Now you really sound like you are in Brazil. Jungle psy-trance rave: oh yeh! Love Hostel last minute change of plans - thats why they are the best: lively buzzing hives of 'you never know what joy the next conversation brings' instead of the walled enclosures stripped off their soul and feelings that the possession of a corporate amex subjects you to.

    Live it! Breathe. Rave safe hunny x