Friday, February 20, 2009


S 23 28.078 W 045 04.158

For a complete change of pace we headed out down the coast to a place called Ubatuba. The hostel was owned by a couple of sweet old ladies and we were the only people staying there. They made us breakfast, drove us to town to the beach and generally treated us as their own. The first full day there the sun came out properly so in true brit fashion went out to the beach and got sunburnt. We hired body boards for an hour and splashed around in the waves.

The second day the ladies took us out to a small village where we got a fisherman to take us out to one of the islands for the day. Again more swimming in the sea, very few people around and generally chilling. Managed to kick a sea urchin and spent a couple of days with spines in my foot which was a bitch but after a lot of probing with a safety pin I seem to have sorted that out. Fully relaxed and ready to head back in to the mayhem of Sao Paulo and carnival.

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  1. awwww...that looks so beautiful! Sea Urchin bit sounds painful - ouch! Ah, the blue green waters! Alright, I think this is the right catalyst I need to go and get my ticket to South America!!

    I see the gps is working!! :-) have you tried to tag points? You can then (on a later date) geocache - basically trace all the 'off route' places you have been.

    Enjoy RIO!! xxxx